January 14, 2010

Hello world!

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I am starting this blog because I bought the new book, “Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day”.  Cooking this way will be a new experience for me. I am currently waiting for my book to arrive.

While I am waiting, I made the basic recipe found at the site I made a few changes, used freshly ground wheat, flax seed and wheat germ. I made it in my food processor, then placed it in gallon jars (two of them, both holding about three small loaves worth of dough.)

I am baking a small round loaf each day, learning how the dough should feel  and how it bakes. So far I am getting good bread.

Yesterday I made dumplings of a sort. I chopped some turkey and added minced onion, cinnamon, parsley and pepper. I wrapped the meat mixture in dough and baked them. They were very tasty.

I am looking forward to trying new recipes and sharing the resuts with my readers.


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